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Over the past twenty years Jason's real estate development experience has attributed to his expertise and knowledge of various industries. Jason's strengths include his extensive experience of rapid growth in revenue logistic challenges of multiple locations market analysis expansion and development of new stores space planning and developing strong client bases through advertising and promotional campaigns. Jason has extensive experience in evaluating business opportunities conducting feasibility studies orchestrating mergers and acquisitions. His responsibilities encompass total fiscal autonomy as well as fiscal responsibility to shareholders. Jason has progressed into a savvy negotiator of leases real estate development vendor arrangements compensation packages and financial contracts. In addition he has developed business plans sales and marketing strategies organizational structures and employee training programs. Jason also has cultivated irreplaceable business relationships with banks vendors and other financial institutions. The rapid growth of his businesses has taught him to be shrewd aggressive and conservative simultaneously while being open-minded to the ever-changing consumer demands. He believes in a management team concept guided by a motivational leader providing direction and decisive thinking. Jason enjoys and excels at locating and turning around struggling companies while putting to use his business philosophies including streamlining automation implementing new technology risk management and superior customer service. Jason attributes his success to his ambition analytical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit in addition to his constant quest for learning and improving his skills.

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